Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Pics 2010

Well better late then never. Its been awhile since I've posted. Facebook just seems so much easier these days. Here's Abby and Lilly today after church in their Easter dresses that I made them.

I couldn't get Abby to stop posing for me. I must have lit twenty pictures of her from today because she was all over the place. It was so funny!

Of course Lilly has to do everything her big sister does:)

Don't I have the cutiest girls!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Went Camping on the Rim this Weekend.

Man it was so good to get out of the heat this weekend. We went camping for Johnny's work retreat this weekend right outside of Payson on the Rim. It was nice and cool, and for whatever reason whenever we deciede to go camping we always bring the rain with us. It rained alot but the trip was still really fun, luckily we brought a canopy and a tarp to cover us. We also rode our atv's all around the mountian, the girls couldnt get enough of it!

Here's Johnny and the girls around the campfire after having smores.

Lilly was forever getting dirty or she was getting into the food, I'm glad I brought extra pairs fo clothes for her and Abby.

Here's Johnny with his friends playing show and tell. It was so funny they started talking about their guns and then they all had to go and get there guns to show them off to each other, it was funny.
Here's us atving!

Here's me and my new ATV! It was fun, I cant wait to go camping again!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Venice Beach in Sunny Cali!

It was such an awesome day to go to the beach, what a way to end our vacation!

W played in the sand. Mostly Lilly and me because we couldnt get Abby out of the water. Last time we were at the beach we couldnt get her to get in and this time we couldnt get her to get out! Now the cycle countinues because we could get Lilly to get in, so Lilly and I spent time in the sand.

My girls are the cutiest in the whole wide world!

Disney Land Trip in July

Our first day at Disney Land, Abby wanted to anything and everything all at once. It was a very busy and fun day.

Then Abby and Lilly wanted mickey hats that everyone else had and of course they chose the princess one, and although you cant see it their names are on the back. And of course they only wore them fro about 5 mins after we got them!

Then on the 2nd day at Disney Land it was Abby's birthday and we went to her princess dinner with the princesses. She had so much fun, the primcessess went around to all the tables and took pictures with everyone, it was Abby's highlight of the day.



and Aurora. There was also Snow White and Cinderella. She had a lot of fun. I dont think that two days for Disney land is enough, next time we go it will be at least for 3 or 4 days if we can afford it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Snowflake for the 24th Celebration.

Sorry I'm really bad at posting on the blog but I finally got some pictures!. Here we are at the parade and all the kids are playing around. It was so fun up there, it was hot but not to hot and the kids got tons of candy. Just what I need.

Heres Johnny and I goofing around! He's my hubby.

When the parade was done we went back to grandma's house and all the kids got in their suits and went into the back yard to play in the house and the little pool that grandma has out back. I swear the whole entire time we were in Snowflake the kids were in the back yard playing. It was so much fun.

AHHH Snowflake!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Guitar Hero!

Yes! I've rediscovered that I like Guitar Hero. We had Family Home Evening with our friends and it was way fun! Aubrey and I kind of took over the game from the boys and played the night away. We had tons of fun, you rock Aubrey!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Splash Pad Fun!

We went to the San Tan Splash Pad the other day for the first time, and the girls really loved it, it was fun watching them.

I think that Lilly had more fun then Abby did, she started screaming when we tried to tell her it was time to come home.